Monday, June 4, 2007

Cheney's Iran War Plans

Cheney SECRETLY Schemes To Start Iran War By Himself

The New York Times and CBS News are confirming a story we had already
heard that Cheney is determined to suck the U.S. into a shooting war with
Iran, provoked through back channels with Israel, if he can't force that
policy on Bush any other way. We are in greater danger of the strategic
debacle in the Middle East spinning even more wildly out of control every
day that Congress does not confront the monstrous malignancy in the office
of the vice president in particular.


Vote yes, or else vote no. Nearly 60,000 have already. It could save all
of our lives. It could save YOUR live, all of it. Help turn the National
Cheney Impeachment Poll into a national phenomenon. That's where we are
going with this. We can do it with your help. All we have to do is get
enough people to say he SHOULD be impeached, and he will be impeached.

The situation is so extreme that The New York Times published an editorial
yesterday, and we quote from just some of its conclusions below. How can
anyone read these words of alarm and not be at LEAST motivated to at express
an OPINION? They are finally speaking out. How about you? Please note,
destruction of official vice presidential records is a CRIME, and that's
just the latest!

New York Times Editorial
June 3, 2007

The Associated Press reported that Mr. Cheney's office ordered the Secret
Service last September to destroy all records of visitors to the official
vice presidential mansion right after The Washington Post sued for access to
the logs. That move was made in secret, naturally. It came out only because
of another lawsuit, filed by a private group, Citizens for Responsibility
and Ethics in Washington, seeking the names of conservative religious
figures who visited the vice president's residence

This disdain for accountability is distressing, but not surprising. Mr.
Cheney has had it on display from his first days in office, when he refused
to name the energy-industry executives who met with him behind closed doors
to draft an energy policy.

In a similar way, Mr. Cheney seems unconcerned about little things like
checks and balances and traditional American notions of judicial process.
At one point, he gave himself the power to selectively declassify documents
and selectively leak them to reporters. In a recent commencement address, he
declaimed against prisoners who had the gall to demand the protections of
the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States.

Mr. Cheney is the driving force behind the Bush administration's theory of
the unitary executive, which holds that no one, including Congress and the
courts, has the power to supervise or regulate the actions of the president.
Just as he pays little attention to old-fangled notions of the separation of
powers, Mr. Cheney does not overly bother himself about the bright line that
should exist between his last job as chief of the energy giant Halliburton
and his current one on the public payroll.

From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Cheney received deferred salary payments from
Halliburton that far exceeded what taxpayers gave him. Mr. Cheney still
holds hundreds of thousands of stock options that have ballooned by millions
of dollars as Halliburton profited handsomely from the war in Iraq.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to
be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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