Sunday, May 27, 2007

Plan B

As another contingent of American warships pass through the Strait of
Hormuz into the Persian Gulf, and administration's renewed preoccupation
with Iran's power plants threaten new war, those Congresspersons who gave
the President more money for more war have some explaining to do.

We have to decide on Plan B, in which case impeachment should be on the
table, not only to force peace negotiations with the insurgency and an
accord with Iran, but to address power seizing moves like the
presidential directives which George Bush quietly signed on May 9.* The
chaos of government finances - the eight trillion, 800 billion dollar
debt cited by the House Budget Committee, and the inflation which
accompanies that debt - should be a handle for enlisting the aid of the
business community.

* NSPD-51, National Security Presidential Directive and HSPD-20, Homeland
Security Presidential Directive

- Jean G. Braun


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