Monday, May 14, 2007

Nashville: Mother's Day Report

Mother's Day just keeps getting better and better, it seems... We celebrated Nashville's Second Annual Mother's Day Peace Parade yesterday in beautiful, breezy, 70 degree weather (a perfect day for a parade!) with friends old and new, and I must say, it was a blast! We had a great crowd; lots of colorful costumes, crazy hats, face-painted moms, dads, partners, tie-dye-sporting kiddos, all jumbled together into a joyful, smiling, shining cacophany. I read Julia's Mother's Day Proclamation (on stilts!) and led the parade through Hillsboro Village and back to Dragon Park, where Paige delivered an inspired, heartfelt speech and completely surprised me by presenting me with the Julia Ward Howe award and crowning me with the fabulous MAU of the Year Hat. As you can see in the slideshow, I was extremely touched and honored.

Then we ate cake and made merry for the rest of the afternoon, and all went home happy and tired, but with a renewed enthusiasm for the work we're doing together. I had so many people ask me through the course of the day, "So, what's next? When's the next event?" So many mothers are so eager to engage, but lack the proper outlet. MAU provides that outlet as a friendly, approachable, non-intimidating means to get be a mom, and be political at the same time. I'm honored to be a part of such a revolutionary organization.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Kate in Nashville

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