Thursday, May 24, 2007 Organizes an Iraq Summer

"Our partners at the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition
(AAEI) are organizing an exciting campaign—it's called Iraq Summer.
It's modeled after campaigns like "Mississippi Summer" which helped
pass historic Civil Rights laws and "Vietnam Summer," which helped end
the Vietnam war. A group of folks will fan out around the country to
key target states and work as full time organizers to help whip up a
storm of opposition to the war.

Right now we're looking for organizers and we're hoping you're
interested or you might know someone who would be. We're looking for
folks who're tough and ready to work long hours to end this war. If
you're selected, you'll receive a $400 per week stipend, expenses,
housing with a host family and the best organizer training in the

Are you game to be a part of this historic effort? If so, just send a
resume to If not, could you pass this on to
anyone you think might be interested? This could be a great
opportunity for students looking to make a difference this summer.

AAEI plans to deploy 110 organizers to the districts of critical House
and Senate Republicans who still support the president's disastrous
policy in Iraq. The organizers will execute a national program to help
fracture the Republican base of support for the war by early fall.

When the president announced his escalation plan in January, many
Republicans said that we should give the policy six months to work. By
late August the president's escalation policy will be seven months
old—-plenty of time for Republicans to "give the president's policy a

Just as important, as they approach Labor Day, Republicans will begin
to look right into the crosshairs of the political disaster they face
in 2008 if they continue to support this disastrous war.

AAEI plans to force every last one of these Republicans to "Take a
Stand"—to break their ties with President Bush's war by August.

Organizers will report for training on June 16th and after the
training, set up shop in one of our target states until Labor Day.
We're looking for folks who also have access to a car.

If you're ready to make history this summer, please send a resume to

–Nita, Tom, Justin, Anna and the Political Action


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