Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In Support of Cindy

The recent letters from Cindy Sheehan expresses my same feelings about the democrats. I was there in Dallas when Cindy caused quite a stir at the VFP convention when she asked who was going with her the next day to Crawford, Texas to demonstrate outside the Bush compound until he explained this war to her and the nation. That was the start of "Camp Casey". She, for a brief time, had quite a division of talkers versus doers going. My quandry that day was: do I want to risk getting arrested and how will my wife, Margaret handle that? Do I get on the bus to Crawford. I did not go with Cindy and with the platoon of VFP conventioneers who had the guts to go on that operation.

I feel no passion in supporting democrats in their political watered down feints toward ending the war and the militarized state of the country. Most of those who surround me are totally caught up in their own lives and give little voice to what is happening in America let alone doing much about it and certainly are unable to unite in any significantly strong antiwar movement.

Our VFP chapter attempt at an ecumenical gathering on 12 May brought a very few loyal Ls and VFP chapter members and some of my curious local acquaintances. No one from the Courtians for peace in Pleasant Hill, 7 miles down the road, or P & J members from Nashville and no one from Knoxville, or Memphis. I don't think people in general make the connection with forgiveness and peace. Perhaps that spiritual ground is a little too shaky. The religious right wallows in that ground and the mud of bigotry and separation of the saved and unsaved. Forgiveness is reserved for themselves and their own.

The liberals are widely diverse and unable to get along let along unite against the fanatical religious churches in our society and the mainstream faiths stubbornly hold on to archaic myths, prayer and choosing the right hymns to sing; practice "vanilla politics" while the right wing musters fear, bigotry, hate and separation as it marches united to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers. I think John Seigenthaller was dead on when he thought the world his headed toward a major conflict motivated by religion. I predict that our future imperial adventures, labeled as spreading democracy will require the reinstitution of the draft of young men and perhaps then more of the nation will back a move toward world peace.

The question for me is which bus do I want to risk getting on.

Jack Queen Veterans for Peace Nashville


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