Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chicago: US Socialism Conference

Socialism 2007 is a three-day event that will bring together socialists and other activists who are involved in struggles across the country—from opposing the war to organizing against the death penalty—and share a vision of rebuilding the left.

Last summer, some 1,500 people turned out in New York City. This
year's conference in Chicago will feature activists and socialists
from Central and Latin America, renowned activist writers and
journalists, soldiers and veterans who are resisting the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan, prisoners and their families who are fighting for
justice in the prison system, immigrant rights activists who are
organizing against deportations and many more.

Included in the more than 100 events at Socialism 2007 are films,
music and meetings on the hidden history of international
working-class struggle—from the Flint sit-down strikes of 1937 to the
Russian Revolution of 1917. Come join us in Chicago on June 14–17,
2007, for Socialism 2007.

Featured Panels:

Capitalism and Immigration: The Struggle for Legalization with Full
Rights Today
Speakers: Justin Akers Chacon, Nativo Lopez, Jorge Mujica

Raids, Deportations, No Match Letters: Grassroots Strategy
to Defend Immigrant Rights
Speakers: Margarita Klein, Brian Cruz, Martin Unzueta

Confronting Empire: Activists Speak Out Against War and Empire
Speakers: John Pilger, Jeremy Scahill, Dahlia Wasfi, Camilo Mejia and
Sharon Smith; plus Dr. John Carlos, introduced by Dave Zirin

Featured Speakers:

John Pilger Journalist, activist and filmmaker; Dahr Jamail
Independent journalist covering the Iraq war; Dr. John Carlos 1968
Olympian, Co-founder Olympic Project for Human Rights; Amy Goodman
Host, Democracy Now!; Jeremy Scahill journalist and Author,
Blackwater; Laura Flanders Radio host, Air America Anthony Arnove
Author, Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal; Kelly Dougherty, Camilo Mejía
and Garret Reppenhagen Iraq Veterans Against the War; Members of the
Free Gary Tyler! Committee; Paul D'Amato Author, The Meaning of
Marxism; Jeffrey St. Clair Author, Grand Theft Pentagon; Michael
Schwartz Contributor on the Iraq war to; Son of Nun
left wing hip hop artist; Howie Hawkins Green Party, New York; Justin
Akers Chacón Co-author, No One Is Illegal!; Luciana Genro Party of
Socialism and Liberty, Brazil; Dahlia S. Wasfi, M.D. Iraqi-American
antiwar activist; Barbara Becnel Activist and co-author of anti-gang
literature with Stan Tookie Williams; Anthony Prior Former NFL player
and author of The Slave Side of Sunday; Phil Gasper Editor, The
Communist Manifesto: A Road Map to History's Most Important Political
Document; Josh Frank Author, Left Out: How the Liberals Helped
Re-Elect George W. Bush; Yusuf Salaam Exonerated in the Central Park
(NY) jogger case; Samuel Farber Author of The Origins of the Cuban
Revolution Reconsidered; Charles Jenks Traprock Peace Center; Marlene
Martin National director, Campaign to End the Death Penalty; Kevin
Murphy Author, Revolution and Counterrevolution: Class Struggle in a
Moscow Metal Factory; Ahmed Shawki Editor, International Socialist
Review; Charles André Udry Economist and editorial board member of
ÀL'Encontre, Switzerland; Sharon Smith Columnist, Socialist Worker,
and author of Subterranean Fire; Ron Jacobs Author, The Way the Wind
Blew; Dave Zirin sports columnist and author, What's My
Name Fool? and Welcome to the Terrordome.

What you'll find at Socialism 2007: MORE THAN 100 meetings, a
bookfair, films, entertainment ... and parties.

Check out to register and for more
information about schedule, housing, and childcare.


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