Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alert: Beware of Senate Bill 1082

Senate Bill 1082, the User Fee Bill, establishes the Reagan Udall
Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration. The Foundation will
consider the "reports and priorities published by the FDA." The
Foundation will facilitate "patents for inventions" and the "licensing
for inventions." (See Reference below.)

In other words, as food, food additives, and other natural substances now
commonly available for healing at grocery and retail stores become
regulated as drugs and medical devices, those connected to the Reagan
Udall Foundation will be able to take out exclusive patent and licensing
privileges on them - a gushing oil well for one entity and threat of
criminal drug sanctions for those shut out.

It is reported that in Europe, where a similar law has been enacted, a
fourteen dollar box of echinacea tea now costs $153.

Reference: On the U.S. Senate web site as of May 10, in the text of SB
1082, the heading, "Reagan Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug
Administration," is cited as Section 221. Patenting and Licensing is
cited under Subchapter I, Section 770 c - Duties of the Foundation - (7)
- ensures that - (A) and (B)

-Jean Braun


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