Thursday, April 19, 2007

Commentary - Five Issues

As $100 billion for more war sits on the Congressional desk, and the
Vice-president and Attorney General are feeling Congressional heat, the
Virginia Tech tragedy has completely distracted the mainstream media. It
is the Internet, however, which reports that the sister of the suicide
killer works for McNeil Technologies, which is a contractor in Iraq and
also, according to its website, services the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Issues are almost overwhelming, but here are five suggested quick votes
for calling or visiting the House and Senate web sites: 1) Impeach. 2)NO
on the war appropriations bill. 3) Cancel nuclear weapons production. 4)
Abolish electronic voting machines. 5) Provide alternative health care
insurance coverage.

The acronym is INCAP: IMPEACH. NO war funding. CANCEL nuclear weapons.
ABOLISH electronic voting machines. PROVIDE alternative health care.

- Jean G. Braun


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