Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Commentary - Fiscal Irresponsibility

Although the human costs of continuing war are the most devastating, we
should consider the financial costs as well. The monetary chasm between
the rich and the poor is deepening, essentially because of inflation that
results from government borrowing. Those without the automatic Cost of
Living pay raises enjoyed by members of Congress are carrying the
financial burden of war.

It would be fair to those with lesser incomes to institute a two-tier
system for purchase of essential items like gas or groceries. Coupons
could be issued for vital needs such as gas for transportation to work
and school, and for basic groceries, so that these coupons would entitle
the purchaser to inflation-free prices. Rationing was how we dealt with
World War II.

We can stop more inflation by stopping more war.

- Jean G. Braun


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