Sunday, April 22, 2007

Commentary - Critical Research

Reports tell that U.S. troops have set up special stations inside Baghdad
and are constructing a cement "Baghdad wall" around the Sunni
neighborhood. We also hear of extremely violent bomb blasts, killing as
many as 150 persons in one explosion. Such violent explosion suggests use
of depleted uranium bombs, which, by public knowledge, only the U.S. has
capacity to make. This means, however, that U.S. soldiers are stationed
within zones which are radiation contaminated by depleted uranium

The Pentagon does not recognize radioactive effects of depleted uranium,
but abundant research shows otherwise. Stationing of U.S. troops in those
zones cannot be justified. We could tell Congress: "Direct the Defense
Department to fund exhaustive research into radioactive effects of
depleted uranium and what elements - including foods - will reverse those

- Jean G. Braun


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