Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nashville: Weekly Peace Vigil

Joyce Kisner writes . . . Before I landed here via Katrina a group of us in New Orleans had started to meet for a weekly vigil against the war and FOR peace and justice in our world. Sometimes there was one of us - sometimes many more. We would light candles, sometimes have a portable CD player with some music, sometimes read the names of those soldiers killed in the Iraq War, sometimes read a poem or narrative that we found, make signs together...etc. And then Katrina hit.

When I attended the yearly vigil last week I was reminded of the
commitment a group of us in New Orleans had made and I realized it was
important to me to start doing that once again. And so last Monday I went on
over to the corner of 14th and Eastland with some candles and my sign from
the peace march ("Support Our Troops. Bring Them Home Now. Fund their Care,
Not Their Coffins"). A gentleman by the name of Del was also there and we
decided we will meet each week on Mondays at end date set but
certainly until the war has ended.

We'd love for more to join us at that corner or at that same time at any
corner of their preference. Wouldn't it be cool if throughout Nashville on
Monday nights a growing number of vigils were happening on corners around
the city? Hey, why not throughout the state...even throughout the country!


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