Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iraqi War Deaths: Week of March 11th-17th

Those who died in Iraq from Mar 11 to 17:

Sgt Douglas Stone 49 Taylorsville UT
Sgt Daniel Woodcock 25 Glennallen AK
Sgt Thomas Latham 23 Delmar MD
Spc Jonathan Smith 19 Atlanta GA
Cpl Nathanial Windsor 20 Scappoose OR
Sgt Robert Carr 22 Warren OH
Pvt Alberto Garcia Jr 23 Bakersfield CA

Pvt Angel Rosa 21 Portland ME
Cpl Brian Chevalier 21 Georgia
Spc Adam Rosema 27 Pasadena CA
Spc Stephen Kowalczyk 32 San Diego CA
Cpl Steven Chavez Hondo NM
Spc Forrest Waterbury 25 Richmond TX
Spc Joshua Boyd 30 Seattle WA
Cpl Raymond Holzhauer 19 Dwight IL
Sgt Blake Harris 27 Hampton GA
Sgt Terry Prater 25 Speedwell TN
Sgt Emerson Brand 29 Rigby ID
Pvt James Arnold 21 Mattawan MI
Sgt John Stephens 41 San Antonio TX
Sgt Christopher Brevard 31 Phoenix AZ
Sgt Benjamin Sebban 29 Sebban TN
Sgt Nimo Tauala 29 Honolulu HI
Cpl Harry Timberman 20 Minong WI
Pvt Anthony Kaiser 27 Narrowsburg NY
Spc Marieo Guerrero 30 Fort Worth TX

58 were seriously wounded and maimed.
60 wounded were returned to kill fields.

308 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.

Cf: www.icasualties.org


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