Monday, March 5, 2007

Commentary: Cheney's Compromising Health

We ought to require that medical records of Vice-President Cheney's DNA
be kept in several places. A fatal heart attack at this time would
eliminate Senate examination of his 9-11 role and also allow the
President to appoint a VP successor of the same stripe, but without the
revealing record. The sudden heart attack of Enron's Kenneth Lay saved
him from prison and his estate for his family.

Another escape hatch for George Bush would be an untoward event regarding
Barack Obama. Unusual favorable publicity by the corporate media has
promoted Obama's popularity with African-Americans. Spontaneous or
premeditated violence in the wake of injury to him could provide the
President with excuse for introduction of martial law, per new
legislation slipped into the Warner Defense Appropriation Act of
December, 2006.

- Jean G. Braun


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