Saturday, March 24, 2007

ADAPT Calls for Self Determination

Monday ADAPT of Tennessee confronts local organization that continues discrimination towards people with disabilities.

ADAPT of Tennessee has a long history of battling discrimination and segregation based on disability. We have met head-on with ableist attitudes that create policies and programs that discriminate towards people with disabilities and serve to segregate us from the community. For over a year now ADAPT of Tennessee has been monitoring such ableist attitudes from a local organization.

What makes this even more tragic is that this very organization is part of the State and County system that is in place to work with people with disabilities. Recently a new member of ADAPT of Tennessee was in the process of moving out of a nursing home and into his own apartment. The very organization that was supposed to be there to help him did everything they could to not allow him to live where he wanted. Despite all of the support from friends, ADAPT members, family, the Memphis Center for Independent Living and his own will and self-determination. Fortunately because of his supports and advocates this local organization was dismissed from his case.

Therefore, because this organization willingly has discriminated against persons with disabilities and continues to do so ADAPT of Tennessee will be presenting, in true “ADAPT style” a list of demands. ADAPT plans to stay until these demands are met, or otherwise. We believe the demands we have are far and just, yet provide the changes needed to end the agencies ableist and discriminatory actions.

Continuing information will be made available Monday just prior to the action or more information is available call Randy at 901/359-4982.


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